Excelorate Ltd. was established by Colin Wreglesworth who has deep and broad experiences, covering 30 years, centred on sales, marketing and customer service across the motor industry (leasing), financial services and leisure sectors in the UK and overseas. Colin’s management and leadership positions have covered regional, national and strategic teams.

He has led teams through complex and disruptive organisational change but always remained committed to people development and championed a culture of high performance.

He is a positive and goal driven leader with strong communication skills and a proven track record, consistently returning high, and above expectation results, including the leverage of cross selling opportunities across a diverse organisation.

Colin’s experience means he can quickly identify strengths and opportunities and implement tactics and strategy (hands on or at a distance) to get things back on track, and rising – fast.

As a coach and facilitator Colin builds rapport with individuals and groups through relevant and practical real-life examples to foster new ideas, thoughts and change strategies.

Strategic Alliance


Excelorate has a strategic alliance with Miller Heiman, the world’s leading complex sales methodology company. Miller Heiman offers a proven framework for on-going professional development and sales success.